Technology Innovation of the Year – Wind Float

Hello everybody, today I will present you ( ūüėČ Flo ūüėČ ) a good solution to use a wind energy

The solution, as many see it, is to make these farms farther out to sea, where the wind is stronger. The resource is more interresting. Aside from the transmission challenges that come with deep offshore wind, the biggest objective is how to anchor these wind turbines without fixed foundations

The floating structure it’s a best engineering and construction challenges at more shallow depths. Because the deep water structure are designed to float, they can essentially be assembled on shore and towed to their final destination, with much less work performed directly on site.

Right now, offshore wind plans are concentrated along the East Coast.

In the moment, this is the first offshore wind turbine in Atlantic waters, and the first deployment of a semi-submersible structure supporting a multi-megawatt wind turbine.




Today, I will you present advantages and disadvantages of the water energy.


  • Electricity can be generated constantly.
  • Once the dam is built, the energy is virtually free.
  • No waste or pollution produced.
  • Much more reliable than wind, solar or wave power.
  • Water can be stored above the dam
  • Hydro-electric power stations can increase to full power very quickly, unlike other power stations.


  • The dams are very expensive to build. However, many dams are also used for flood control or irrigation, so building costs can be shared.
  • Building a large dam will flood a very large area upstream, causing problems for animals that used to live there.
  • Finding a suitable site can be very¬†difficult – the impact on residents and the environment may be unacceptable.
  • Water quality and quantity downstream can be affected, which can have an impact on plant life.


Unlike other renewables such a wind and a solar power energy that receive more praise than criticism, hydropower is a highly controversial issue. While it does have many merits, it too is like so many other sources of energy if we ignore the critics’ warnings, we may not realize its full impact on our natural resources until it is too late.


Wind Energy


I will you present the other energy renewable, the Wind Energy.

The next picturen present the principe to transforms the wind into electrical energy.

The usage of¬†wind turbines to produce energy is constrained to installing them in wind areas where wind flows with high speed as otherwise wind cannot be utilized to produce energy. To generate energy, humans have been harnessing the wind since a long years. But today’s modern wind turbines continue to become more productive and powerful as they supply energy to hundreds of homes than the windmills used in old days which were good enough to produce energy only for small jobs like recover water from sea or grinding grains.

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Solar Energy

Hello everybody,

Today I will you present the solar energy. In a first time, below it’s a picture to present how solar energy is recovered.

For me the sun is the most important source of energy. The sun rays can be used as a mean of producing the energy. Photovoltaic cells possessing the characteristic of converting heat to energy are used to generate electricity. When sun rays strike the surface of these photovoltaic cells, electric current is produced.

But the principal problem it’s the price. This device is also less expensive as it is made up of silicon which is one of the most abundant elements on earth.

See you soon for the new information.


The renewable energies company

I will present two companies using renewable energies for heating or cooling a home :

1 –

SARL Thiel & Lambert, the company uses water power.  It’s allows to use heat water. The advantage is that this energy is available all the time. The disadvantage is that you must be next to a water source to recover power.

2 –

SOLAIRESUD this entrerpise proposes to use the sun to heat the house.  This is a very economical and convenient way when there is a large area available. The advantage is that the sun is available everywhere (almost) and the disadvantage is the high price.

Abstract – Re-Energy



I have found a website to teach young people about renewable energy

I think it’s a good idea to teach it to children. In this way, they can¬†want to find a jobs in renewable energy when they grow up. Moreoverthis way of presenting the problem can show to¬†the next generation. The training is fun.¬†Because those children suggest different solutions with different available energies¬†(Solar oven, wind turbine, hydro generator , biogas generator).

A competition is organized in Canada and the topic is the renewable energy. Different classes every year which challenges participants to build, test and bake with solar ovens.

For me it’s a great idea, funny and interesting.

We will see¬†during the next few years the progress of renewable energies in the world …

The energy repartition

Hello Ecologist energy,

Today I’m going to present you the distribution of energy. The diagram below, present the energy uses.

The table below, presents different energies.¬†¬†It‚Äôs very interesting, because we can see the increase of the renawable energies use. It’s very good for the world but it’s not enought for the moment.


Selected renewable energies indicators                                                                                               2008    2009           2010

Investment in new renewable capacity (annual) 130 160 211 billion USD
Renewables power capacity (existing) 1,140 1,230 1,320 GWe
Hydropower capacity (existing) 950 980 1,010 GWe
Wind power capacity (existing) 121 159 198 GWe
Solar PV capacity (grid-connected) 16 23 40 GWe
Solar hot water capacity (existing) 130 160 185 GWth
Ethanol production (annual) 67 76 86 billion liters
Countries with policy targets
for renewable energy use
79 89 98

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